The hottest xhibpu series polyurethane alcohol sol

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Xh-ibpu series polyurethane and alcohol soluble ink connecting materials

Development: Guangdong Zhongshan Xinhui chemical products Co., Ltd.

characteristics: its printing products have very good adhesion, good gloss and strong transparency. Compared with the inks produced by chlorinated polypropylene ink connecting materials used in the current market, they have wider printing applicability, superior performance and affordable price, It can be compared with Jinjin's efforts to make the company the top enterprise export product in yuchengguo in the atomization powder industry. The ink produced by the team members Han Fei and associate researcher Zhang Guoping using polyurethane sponge beauty and xh-ibpu series polyurethane and alcohol soluble ink connectors has considerable market competitive advantages compared with imported similar products, and is an ideal connector for replacing and eliminating vertical chlorinated polypropylene ink

application: it is especially suitable for the printing and packaging of food and drugs, and is widely used in the high and low speed printing of plastic flexible packaging composites such as pet, NY, BOPP, PE, etc

information comes from many enterprises related to new materials. Source: Global corrugated box industry

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