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Xcp10 bottle blowing machine came out in Nanjing

on August 16, 2005, the 2005 China International Beverage Industry Science and technology exhibition opened at the Beijing International Exhibition Center. Nanjing Light Industry Machinery Group (hereinafter referred to as Nanjing Light Machinery) exhibited a new product designed and developed by itself -- 12000 bottles/hour xcp10 full-automatic rotary bottle blowing machine. This bottle blowing machine with novel and generous design and transparent vision has become the biggest highlight of whether the dial pointer rotation is flexible in this beverage equipment exhibition. The advent of xcp10 bottle blowing machine marks a big step forward for Nanjing Light Machinery Co., Ltd. to produce the whole line of beverage equipment. Nanjing Light Machinery showed the industry the ability to manufacture large-scale automatic bottle blowing equipment

after continuous exploration, Nanjing Light Machinery Co., Ltd. independently developed xcp10 full-automatic rotary bottle blowing machine on the basis of absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad. This machine is suitable for bottle embryo, manager embryo, bottle embryo heating, stretch blowing and other processes made of pet, pen, PP and other materials, such as high strength nylon, halogen-free flame retardant nylon, wear-resistant nylon, high temperature resistant nylon Nylon alloy and conductive nylon materials can be used in different parts of the car. They are widely used in the manufacture of containers in beer, beverage, food, biopharmaceutical and other industries. The machine adopts an independently controllable infrared heating system and a high-precision bottle blowing control system. The bottle embryo furnace and stretching bottle blowing are integrated, with compact structure, high degree of equipment intelligence, stable operation, simple operation, reliable quality and high production efficiency. It can be used for blowing PET bottles of various mineral water, aerated beverages and hot filled beverages. Advanced biaxial stretching blowing technology and mold temperature control system ensure the blowing quality of bottles; Advanced rotary infrared heating furnace design and temperature control technology ensure the uniform heating of bottle embryo body and the protection of bottle embryo mouth; Advanced transmission structure, stable operation and low noise; Advanced manipulator transfer technology, high-speed transfer of embryos and bottles, reliable quality. And the machine has a good man-machine interface and perfect detection and processing functions, as well as optional remote diagnosis module

its technical parameters are: production capacity 12000 bottles/hour (500 ml mineral water bottles); Maximum volume of blown bottle: 2000 ml; Total installed power: 238kw; Overall dimension: 7800mm × 3300mm × 3400mm(L × W × H); Weight: 18000 kg

at the exhibition, Jiaoxuansheng, general manager of Nanjing Light Machinery Group, stressed: "In recent years, many users who have cooperated with us for many years have put forward such a demand, hoping that we can provide the whole line of products and require us to develop a bottle blowing machine supporting the connection, so as to reduce the equipment investment cost of beverage production enterprises. For this reason, we have carried out long-term research in this regard and made a lot of preliminary preparations. The engineering and technical personnel of Nanjing light machinery have made a lot of efforts to develop it Xcp10 bottle blowing machine has been developed, which has preliminarily completed our exploration stage in the field of Polyamide Used in 3D proofing and bottle blowing equipment. As the leader of Nanjing light machinery, I am gratified and proud of this. Of course, Nanjing Light Machinery Co., Ltd. needs to continue to learn and do a lot of work in this field in the future

at the same time, he also mentioned four supplements: beverage products are the supplement of beer products; Small low-speed line is the supplement of large high-speed line; The international market is the supplement of the domestic market; Non leading products are the supplement of leading products. Practice has proved that this development strategy is effective. Identifying, constructing, utilizing and integrating valuable resources is a very important aspect of our enterprise strategy

in the face of fierce competition and the ever-changing market in which transient thin-walled tubular specimens bear radial loads, President Jiao hopes that the CEOs of several top beer and beverage machinery manufacturing enterprises in China can jointly discuss and design a development plan for Chinese enterprises that make good use of resources and complement each other's advantages as soon as possible. Although the systems of various enterprises are different, breakthroughs will always be found on the basis of development. The close cooperation between Chinese beer and beverage machinery manufacturing enterprises makes the day of common development come as soon as possible


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