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Xct55l6 of XCMG g generation: How dare you call it "small 70" without strength

xct55l6 of XCMG g generation: How dare you call yourself "small 70" without strength

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although the first sample extracted from lubricating oil is 55 tons, it has no stage fright to compete with 70 tons in the market

as the representative of g-generation truck crane, xct55l6 is well deserved. Just standing there quietly and keeping a low profile can hardly hide its luxurious aristocratic temperament

precision construction, high quality invites you to test drive

xct55l6 carries the unique temperament of generation G products. Sky blue "honeycomb" with shining XCMG gold shows high-end quality; The white text combines the sky blue background to highlight the aristocratic temperament. The soft and firm lines burst out the aesthetic feeling of engineering mechanics of the combination of hardness and softness of the product

but xct55l6 is not only better than its appearance

The xct55l6 truck crane of XCMG g generation

is carefully designed and fully covered with high performance

xct55l6 adopts the world's first new single cylinder bolt telescopic system, which makes the crane break through the limit of five boom below 50 tons, and the jib is expanded to six boom, so that the longest main boom of 50 ton products reaches 50 meters, which has exceeded the 70 or even 80 ton products in the industry. 500000 reliability tests were conducted specifically for the new single cylinder bolt system, which increased the service life of the oil cylinder by 100%. The lifting luffing compensation control technology and winch will be paid more and more attention by the society. The lifting follow-up control technology, the lifting scheme automatic planning technology, and the matching of the three intelligent boom technologies will help to give full play to the performance of the super long main boom and make the whole lifting process more comfortable

XCMG G is also the cheapest generation of xct55l6 truck crane in 3D printing materials

fine manufacturing, high consideration and extraordinary achievements

the new human-computer interaction system is a highlight of xct55l6. G generation cab dashboard, instead of the traditional mechanical pointer, is equipped with a large mirror display, and the driving information is displayed through the virtual instrument interface. The buttons in the central control area are reasonably distributed and arranged. The control room adopts an integrated bus panel and is built on a 10 inch true color touch screen, which can display various information such as engine speed, winch speed, oil temperature and so on in real time

equipped with large mirror display, driving information is displayed through the virtual instrument interface

refined internal, high efficiency brings high benefits

the use of the new energy-saving hydraulic system makes the breakpoint of the sample so good that the lifting accuracy of the whole vehicle reaches the millimeter level, and the minimum stable speed of rotation is only 0.1 °/s, so that the operator can do everything in control between raising his hand. In addition, the maximum lifting speed of xct55l6 can reach the highest 130m/min in the industry, which provides a strong guarantee for ultra-high operation efficiency

refined interior, high efficiency brings high benefits

perfect matching, high energy saving creates value

xct55l6 gets off with a low-speed high torque transmission system, the maximum driving speed can reach 90km/h, effectively shortens the transition time, and the climbing slope is increased to 45%. According to the characteristics of crane operation conditions, through the integration of low fuel consumption, high torque, low speed engine and multi gear, wide speed ratio gearbox, a golden transmission chain is formed, realizing the perfect combination of the best power and the best economy

XCMG has developed a special turbocharged intake system for cranes, optimized and adjusted the engine fuel injection control logic, and improved the dynamic performance by 15%

optimize and match the power transmission system, upgrade the transmission configuration, increase the number of gears, and increase the transmission speed ratio range by%

for the real lifting experts, in addition to the project income, how to reduce the use cost is a matter of concern. As the saying goes, dripping oil is as expensive as gold. In terms of fuel economy, g generation developers are extremely helpful

from the power system with excellent performance to the stable and accurate control components and human-computer interaction system, the new XCMG G1 series crane enables everyone to find its shining point as a high-end product

in today's increasingly fierce competition in China's crane market, I believe that you hoisting masters are more willing to choose products that can create higher value

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