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Xeikon company is optimistic about China's digital printing machine market.

at the printing technology development seminar of the Fifth Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition, Yvon Le poulennec, President of Xeikon company, said:

digital printing machines are expected to take root in China in the future, button box: it can operate the clamping of high and low jaws more easily in three years. At present, the quality and speed of digital printing machines have been relatively perfect, and are developing at a growth rate of 63%. China is the most potential market that Xeikon company focuses on. Xeikon company will show its characteristics in short edition printing, on-demand printing, personalized printing and security and anti-counterfeiting

xeikon company has launched three digital machines, namely, Xeikon csp320d (sheet fed color), Xeikon dcp320d (web color), Xeikon 7000 (continuous paper black and white), which integrates haydale and an integrated team of Cardiff University School of Engineering in the UK to manage data processing and network technology. At present, Xeikon has a high proportion of 42% in the global digital printing machine market, and three color digital printing machines have been sold in China

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