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China Unicom Xi'an data center has been highly praised by international organizations

recently, more than 50 representatives from more than 10 countries and regions around the world who participated in the uptime Asia Pacific Annual Conference visited and investigated the IDC machine room, power center and other bases of China Unicom Xi'an data center (base). 3. The modified product infrastructure that can make polysulfone with ABS, polyurethane, peek and fluoroplastics. The planning of the center The design concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, as well as the reliability of infrastructure and the high level of operation and maintenance guarantee were highly praised, and pertinent improvement suggestions were put forward

as the largest information industry base and big data processing center with the highest technical level and the most comprehensive business in Northwest China, China Unicom Xi'an data center (base) has been first put into operation in Xixian New Area Information Industry Park since March 27, relying on strong hardware strength and excellent operation, which is also the technical restriction and support team that designers often need to face, and has been quickly known and recognized by the industry, An endless stream of customers came to discuss business and visit. Especially with the gradual implementation of the State Council and local governments at all levels on the Internet + action plan and the removal of output wiring, China Unicom Xi'an data center (base) has preliminarily grasped the development and innovation of composite technology, process, products and utilization, forming a situation in which the development of traditional IDC business, cloud computing and big data business are flying together. So far, the center has provided hosting, bandwidth leasing and other services for well-known Internet enterprises such as Alibaba, Tencent,, LETV and Xunlei, and the total Internet export traffic has been close to 200g

as one of the 12 cloud data bases of China Unicom, Xi'an data center (base) of China Unicom, under the overall framework of group company 1+5 (e-government cloud + medical cloud, financial cloud, environmental protection cloud, tourism cloud, education cloud), fully promotes business cooperation with governments at all levels and industry customers; It has successively cooperated with Shaanxi Provincial Department of industry and information technology to open and operate Shaanxi industrial cloud, which provides industrial products trading platform, with Fengxi Management Committee of Xixian new area to open and operate Sanqin Enterprise Cloud for information services for small and medium-sized enterprises in the province, and with Xianyang food and drug administration to open and operate Xianyang food and Drug Administration cloud, which provides industrial supervision services, etc

it is understood that in the next step, China Unicom Xi'an data center (base) will continue to adhere to the strategy of innovation, openness and cooperation, based on Shaanxi, move towards the national and international markets with a more open attitude, and provide customers with first-class professional services

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