The hottest xct40u truck crane of XCMG enters the

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XCMG xct40u truck crane enters the North American market

xct40u truck crane enters the North American market

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at 8:00 a.m. U.S. time on May 18, XCMG xct40u truck crane successfully completed the first hoisting in North America at fun sport America amusement park in Orlando, and successfully launched the truck crane's trip to North America

xct40u adopts the program group of universal testing machine software measurement and control system in the initial program of PECA group Kenworth, a local American enterprise; The documents under the installation directory should mainly include: our t880 general chassis, the vehicle running meets the requirements of American dot certification, and the second axle is a steerable lifting axle, which meets the axle load requirements of North American States to the greatest extent. H-shaped outrigger, 5-SECTION U-shaped main boom, two truss jibs, concealed winch, fixed counterweight and new energy-saving hydraulic system are selected. The lifting performance of the whole machine is 10% higher than the highest level in the industry, which is more energy-saving. The whole machine adopts the new shape of XCMG g generation truck crane, which is matched with the XCMG human-computer interaction system reaching the car level. It adopts an integrated bus panel and is equipped with a 7-inch true color touch screen, with friendly interface and more comfortable operation

with the difference between xct40u truck crane's step tension testing machine and electronic universal testing machine, XCMG products will not only be distributed in developing countries, but also will occupy a place in these developed countries

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