The hottest XFC red storm landed in Beijing

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XFC red storm landed in Beijing

on May 13, 2010, Beckhoff, Germany, held a grand XFC leading the new era of speed control and new product promotion conference in Beijing Xiyuan Hotel. This is the second stop of the series of activities of controlling the red storm of the new era launched by biff in the industry in 2010. Professionals from the packaging, tobacco, plastic machine and printing industries in North China were invited to participate in this activity to jointly discuss XFC control technology. Eelco van der wal, executive chairman of PLCopen international, Wang Jun, Secretary General of China electromechanical integration technology application Association, Wang Jian, managing director of Beijing e-cube Technology Co., Ltd., Huang Xudong, Professor of Beijing University of technology, Kai ristau, director of global marketing and sales of Beifu, Germany, Liang Liqiang, managing director of Beifu China, and other guests attended the meeting. The seminar was full and the atmosphere was warm

this event is hosted by German Beifu Automation Co., Ltd. and co organized by China electromechanical integration technology application Association and international industrial automation support. Mr. Liang Liqiang, managing director of Beifu China, first delivered a speech and briefly introduced the company's development vision. Kai ristau, director of global marketing and sales of Beifu, Germany, grandly introduced the concept of XFC technology in his subsequent speech. Kai ristau, with the help of exquisite short films and vivid props such as mineral water and facial tissue paper, let the audience have a deeper understanding of the advantages and applications of XFC technology and resolutely eliminate polluting industrial projects. During the meeting, Beifu China's engineers elaborated XFC extreme speed control technology and industry application in simple terms from TwinCAT soft PLC, high-performance industrial PC, EtherCAT real-time industrial Ethernet and i/o. The wonderful speech of Mr. eelco van der wal, executive chairman of PLCopen international, extended the technological development to the international environment. In the flood of applause, this seminar came to a successful conclusion

At the meeting, Mr. Wang Ningqiang, a senior engineer from Beifu Beijing Branch of Germany, explained in detail the relevant knowledge of Beifu's IEC based control system and TwinCAT software to the professionals attending the meeting

Mr. eelco van der wal (left), executive chairman of PLCopen international organization, Mr. Kai ristau (right), director of field sales, Beifu Global City, Germany.

TwinCAT automation software of Beckhoff supports all IEC programming languages, with convenient devices and fast and efficient compilers. Even for large PLC programs of several megabytes, its development and creation cycle is very short. Incremental compilation prevents long compilation turnaround time, significantly improves the ability of intellectual property creation and application, and only compiles updated content. Powerful device functions, such as automatic, automatic declaration or search and replacement, make programming faster. For all programming languages, the project comparison function can easily recognize and accept differences when necessary. If an item (annotation, catalogue, etc.) is translated into other languages other than the original language, all terms are exported to a table. After the translation is completed, the core profit per share is re imported at 1.35 euros. If a team is developing, all objects (blocks, data types, lists) can be managed in a source code tool through TwinCAT engineering interface. This allows you to track changes and differences between different versions

at the same time, engineer Beckhoff also showed you the features and relevant information of the latest version of TwinCAT software

the atmosphere at the meeting was warm

this seminar provided a good platform for the good exchange of professionals from all sides. Through this platform, Beckhoff showed its own system and products to OEM customers, and also let more customers know the characteristics and performance of Beckhoff system

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