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Xerox's new digital multifunctional fax product

the workcenter Pro 580, valued at $999, is designed for small businesses and working groups

Rochester, New York, November 6, 2001 - Xerox recently announced the launch of a multifunctional fax system designed to meet the document processing needs of busy small businesses and working groups, with a price below $1000. Workcentre Pro 580 is the latest product of the fax series of Workcentre Pro working group. It has many functions such as laser fax, printing, scanning and copying on one machine

mark wax, vice president and general manager of Xerox office systems group, plays an important role in guiding industry development, enhancing industry self-discipline, improving technology level, enhancing international exchange, expanding utilization and cooperation, and expanding publicity and implementation. Mr. g introduced the phenomenon that "Enber basically depends on shutdown for a good day", "Workcentre Pro 580 is a cost-effective low-end multifunctional fax system. It is an ideal choice for small companies and executives (3) to install spherical lower platen office kits on the table. Most competitive products force customers to choose in terms of quality and multi-in-one convenience. While Xerox system not only ensures quality and convenient operation, but also the price can be affected by the failure of many machines."

workcentre Pro 580 has industry-leading fax function. It features a 33.6 Kbps modem, a scanning speed of 3 seconds per page, and an acceleration dial with 80 points. It can also print high-resolution (600dpi) products and copy at the speed of 8 pages per minute. Workcentre Pro 580 also installs textbridge Pro Millennium OCR scanning software for free

workcentre Pro 580 has functions such as fax, direct connection printing, OCR scanning and convenient copying, with a list price of $999

the system will be available in the United States and Canada immediately. Sellers and Xerox omnifax sales representatives will provide sales, services and rentals

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