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Xi'an synergy new generation integration platform synchroibms5.0

in August 2007, Xi'an synergy time software company grandly launched a new generation of intelligent integration platform software, synchroibms5.0. So far, Xi'an synergy Time Software Co., Ltd. has been struggling in the intelligent integration industry for eight years. Xi'an synergy people adhere to the concept of "people-oriented" and "applying open technology to enhance customer value", closely follow the pace of world IT technology, constantly pursue, surpass themselves, and offer another delicious meal for the intelligent integration industry

nowadays, networks are popular. Without networks, there is no intelligent integration. Synchroibms5.0 was born in Net technology, based on SOA architecture and web services, adopts OPC, XML, ODBC, tcp/ip and other technologies to provide real-time information portals and mobile terminals externally and intelligent clients internally. It not only has the cross network function of b/s architecture, but also has the speed and stability of c/s architecture, so as to meet the different needs of different users of the Internet and intranet

in recent years, the intelligent integration industry has developed rapidly. System integration is no longer satisfied with simple monitoring integration, and the demand for information integration is becoming increasingly obvious. Synchroibms5.0 came into being to meet the needs of users' information integration

synchroibms5.0 is mainly composed of four parts:

(1) BMS server: system service program, which is responsible for the access of all subsystems, data exchange, storage and management of real-time and historical databases, and the realization of system user authentication function, linkage task scheduling, time are all extended service functions such as problem list task scheduling, script service function, configuration, etc. that manufacturers are most concerned about

(2) for until the specimen deformation reaches the specified amount m design tool: fully supports HTML and SVG (extensible vector graphics), configuration, used for page configuration and scene design, and mainly provides engineering management, page, interface drawing, library management and other functions

(3) system configuration tool: realize the configuration of secondary development project information, including subsystem monitoring points, linkage, schedule, database settings, etc

(4) smart client: integrate a variety of services and management items to meet different needs of local duty. It has the characteristics of no touch deployment, and provides voice, email, SMS alarm, automatic monitoring and patrol, alarm screen switching, duty management and other functions

in addition, synchroibms5.0 also comes with a real-time information portal platform, synchrortportal1.0, which can quickly integrate various systems (BMS, FMS, OA, MIS, etc.) into a unified application platform and mine the resources of each system

when referring to synchroibms, you may immediately think of BMS, which limits the application of synchroibms to the intelligent building industry. In fact, it is not. Synchroibms5.0 is a redevelopable platform software that is mainly based on the intelligent building industry and develops in multiple directions and is applied to various intelligent control industries

I. application of synchroibms5.0 in intelligent buildings

with the popularization of intelligent integration, high-end buildings, offices and star rated hotels bear the brunt. First, because there are many hardware equipment in the building, the management is quite complex; Second, because the degree of software informatization of the whole building has soared, and the massive amount of data and information has soared, we have to find good management methods; Third, the general public should improve their awareness of environmental protection and pursue energy conservation and efficiency. Synchroibms5.0 is from the perspective of centralized management, decentralized control, optimized operation and efficient management, in line with the leading idea of "integration on demand", to minimize the number of managers and save energy, adapt to environmental changes and the diversity and complexity of the nature of work, and deal with emergencies. Using the methods and means of system integration, we will organically combine computer technology, communication technology, information technology and other modern high technologies with building management, and fully consider the characteristics of the building, and carry out system integration from the aspects of function, technology, products and engineering, so as to provide the building with a complete intelligent overall solution that conforms to the operation and management process of the building. Make the whole system become an interconnected, resource sharing, unified and coordinated system. Bring efficient economic and social benefits to the intelligent building

the intelligent building has many hardware subsystems, such as building control system, fire control system, access control system, television monitoring system, anti-theft alarm system, etc. at the same time, the intelligent building also contains many software systems, such as office automation system, property management system, employee attendance system, etc. in the face of this complex subsystem, synchroibms5.0 uses the latest OPC standard to collect and integrate the data information of each subsystem through the secondary development of OPC server, It is displayed to end users in real time in a dynamic Web way, providing reports, trend charts, decision suggestions, etc., which reduces users' workload and improves work efficiency

synchroibms5.0 also provides rich linkage settings to ensure the coordination of various subsystems within the building in the most economical, reasonable and energy-saving way. For example, in case of an intrusion alarm, the TV monitoring system quickly switches the monitoring screen to show the administrator the intrusion location and site conditions. For example, in case of a serious fire alarm, the access control system quickly opens the escape passage, the television monitoring system switches the fire scene picture, the fire protection system starts the fire extinguishing device, the power transformation and distribution system turns on the emergency light and turns off the main power supply at the same time, so as to ensure the safety of personnel and property and provide the most powerful guarantee for the elimination of risks. At the same time, synchroibms5.0 also provides a schedule function to perform specific actions at a specific time, reducing the loss caused by the negligence of managers. For example, synchroibms sets the switch of the power system through the schedule to adjust the start and stop of the air conditioner, fundamentally eliminating waste and saving power resources

II. Application of synchroibms5.0 in intelligent residential areas

although intelligent residential areas and intelligent buildings have a wide range of equipment, the difference in application is relatively large. Intelligent residential areas are closer to the details of people's lives, providing convenience for people's clothing, food, housing and transportation, as well as community property managers

the most commonly used are information release system, three meter remote transmission system, electronic patrol system, parking lot management system, access control visual intercom system, property payment management system, etc. Synchroibms5.0 introduces the concept of real-time information portal. The customized synchrortportal information platform can easily integrate the information of each subsystem into the portal. No matter the owner or the property management personnel, they can complete all kinds of things from ordering meals to traveling, from paying fees to information release with a simple click of the mouse, eliminating the trouble of queuing up to run errands and enjoying the convenience brought by the networked digital community

the traditional community integration system is applied to property management personnel, which can improve the quality of plastic manufacturing in China. It is well known that property is a non profitable unit, and they cannot spend too much investment on informatization. The emergence of synchroibms and synchrortportal has put forward a new idea for the community integration system to provide convenience to residents and property managers in the mode of property company management and owners. If you want to pay, you can log in to synchrortportal directly without going out. The property fee, water and electricity fee, natural gas fee and heating fee are clear at a glance, saving a lot of trouble. For another example, the property notice can be directly published on synchrortportal. Being a good enterprise's shop 2 can also receive the feedback of the owners, which is really killing two birds with one stone

III. application of synchroibms5.0 in industrial field

synchroibms5.0 is not limited to intelligent building integration, but its application can also be extended in the direction of industrial control

industrial process control needs to collect various operating data, and then make statistical analysis. It is best to adjust equipment parameters to ensure product quality

an automatic production line of glass fiber felt needs to go through six links: feeding, mixing, adding adhesive, forming, baking, packaging, etc. the technical parameters of each link are closely related. The change of parameters has a huge impact on the quality of products, and there will be defective products if you are not careful. Through the OPC server communication interface program developed by OPC technology, synchroibms can easily collect the data of each industrial link and compare it with the standard data. Once the error exceeds the maximum range, it will give an alarm immediately, and at the same time, it will automatically adjust the equipment parameters to make it tend to the standard, so as to ensure the product quality

in the smelting industry, the powerful data acquisition and integration ability of synchroibms should not be underestimated. In refineries, natural gas stations, power plants, all kinds of instruments, large and small, manual meter reading not only has a large workload, but also is often inaccurate due to human factors. In addition, in the smelting industry, the equipment is far away, and it is inconvenient for personnel to operate. With synchroibms, we can quickly collect the real-time data of various instruments, quickly integrate and analyze, and make managers' decisions based on evidence and reason

IV. application of synchroibms5.0 in digital city

the concept of digital city is now noisy. How can we digitalize it? Where should we start? Let's analyze the composition of the city. Cities are composed of large and small buildings, all kinds of equipment, and all kinds of people. Building management includes BMS (building management system), equipment management includes EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), and personnel management includes MIS (manage information system). These systems can be easily integrated into the synchroibms platform. The real-time information portal provided by synchroibms, synchrortportal, is a cross domain and cross firewall web access method, The Internet network is unblocked, and different management permissions are given to different visitors to ensure the security of the whole system. For example, the city's traffic light monitoring system integrates the city's traffic lights in the form of electronic map, global monitoring and fault alarm; Another example is the urban fire management, which collects the fire-fighting information of each building, summarizes the fire-fighting status of the building, determines the key prevention areas, and gives guidance to the fire department

I have talked about the application of synchroibms above. There are both worth thinking about and shortcomings. But I believe that with the wave of global informatization, synchroibms5.0, as a new generation of integration platform, will be more and more widely used in the industry. Synchroibms will no longer be limited to the intelligent building industry, and its footprint will be spread throughout the industrial control industry and the digital integration industry. At the same time, the application of synchroibms will be stronger and stronger. Eight years ago, Xi'an Xietong people developed synchroibms from scratch. Eight years later, Xi'an Xietong people will make the development path of synchroibms brilliant! (end)

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