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The impact of heat shrinkable plastic film packaging on the logistics cost of modern tobacco (Part 2)

v. reduced floor area

1. Cartons: during sorting, a large number of empty boxes to be loaded are stacked in the sorting workshop, affecting the passage of vehicles and personnel

2. turnover box: it covers a large area and is inconvenient to transport between sites. Due to the large loss rate of turnover boxes, the distribution center that uses a new thermoplastic composite preform technology called "qee-tech" developed by Korea eelcee company and the corresponding processing equipment will prepare a certain number of boxes. Take Taizhou tobacco as an example. The whole region needs 8600 turnover boxes and about 2000 spare boxes. The floor area of one turnover box meets the requirements of oil quality upgrading, with an area of about 0.15 square meters. With 10 turnover boxes as a stack, a total of (10600 ÷ 10) floor area is required × 0.15 square meters =159 square meters, plus some reserved space, it is estimated to be about 200 square meters. When delivering goods at ordinary times, 2000 spare boxes need to occupy an area (2000/10) × 0.15 = 30 square meters. It can be seen that the use of turnover boxes is relatively wasteful, both in terms of floor area and space cost

3. plastic film packaging: there is no waste of extra space, and it will not be placed in the sorting workshop like cartons and turnover boxes before sorting

to sum up, after using plastic film packaging, the changes in logistics costs of each cigarette (taking Huzhou and Taizhou tobacco in 2004 as an example) are as follows:

1. Fixed costs of delivery vehicles and personnel

a delivery vehicle costs 100000 yuan, the service life is 8 years, and the average annual depreciation fee is 12500 yuan. A car is equipped with a driver and a delivery man, and their annual salary is 30000 yuan. The annual maintenance and road maintenance cost of a car is 15000 yuan. The average annual gasoline cost of a car is 30000 yuan. In this way, a delivery truck and delivery personnel require a fixed cost of 87500 yuan a year, accounting for 61% of the total logistics cost, and the salary expenses of sorting workers and warehousing workers account for 20%. In addition, the cost of packaging materials accounts for 19%. Since the wages of delivery vehicles and personnel and sorting and warehousing workers are basically unchanged, the key to determining the logistics cost is which packaging mode to adopt. The following is a comparison of the three most common models of tobacco companies combined with the actual data above (see Table 4)

2. Cost comparison of the three modes

(1) carton packaging:

the sales volume of Taizhou in one year is pieces, and the average daily sales volume is 4300 pieces. Based on the fact that one car can hold 46 pieces, the whole district needs 93 delivery trucks. Without calculating the wage cost of sorting workers and warehouse workers, the logistics cost required when Taizhou uses the carton packaging mode is: pieces × 1.5 yuan (cost of cartons) + 93 vehicles × 87500 yuan (the total cost of vehicles and delivery personnel in the region in a year) = yuan, which is converted to the cost of each cigarette is yuan ÷ (220000 × 250) =0.178 yuan

(2) turnover box packaging:

the average loading capacity of each turnover box is 25, and the distribution volume of Taizhou is 4300 pieces a day, a total of (4300 pieces) are needed × 50 pieces) ÷ 25 pieces =8600 turnover boxes. The price of a turnover box is 75 yuan, and the longest service life is two years. A delivery vehicle can carry 50 cigarettes. A total of 86 delivery vehicles are required in the region, and the logistics cost converted to each cigarette is: (8600) × 75 yuan ÷ 2 years +87500 yuan × 86 vehicles) - (PCs × 1.5 yuan) = yuan, converted to the logistics cost value of each cigarette is ÷ (220000 pieces × 250 pieces) = 0.113 yuan

(3) plastic film packaging:

the current price of a ton of film is 19500 yuan, which can pack about 39000 cigarettes on average. Taizhou requires a total of film consumption in one year (÷ 39000) × 19500=550000 yuan, plus 77 existing delivery trucks, the logistics cost of Taizhou is 550000+77 a year ×× 1.5 = 563 tensile testing machine can be roughly divided into pendulum tensile testing machine and electronic tensile testing machine. 7500 yuan is converted to ÷ (220000) per cigarette × 250) =0.1025 yuan. If calculated according to the maximum vehicle load, only 57 delivery trucks can meet the current sales requirements of the whole Taizhou. The logistics cost of each cigarette is: ÷ (220000 × 250) =0.071 yuan

it can be seen from the above that under the condition of constant distribution volume, after using the film packaging mode, the distribution of each cigarette can save 0.0755 yuan compared with the carton packaging mode and 0.0105 yuan compared with the turnover box mode. Taizhou's annual sales volume is 220000 boxes. From table 5, we can clearly see the changes in logistics costs after using plastic film packaging

from the above analysis, it can be found that although packaging is only a small part of modern tobacco logistics, its role in the whole cannot be underestimated

source: Oriental Tobacco news

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