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A brief analysis of the current situation of the development of the technical strength of electronic transformers in China

the great development has brought great prosperity. The huge power construction funds have brought opportunities and challenges to the transformer industry, including transformers, mutual inductors, reactors, voltage regulators, component manufacturers, and promoted the great development of the industry in history

in recent years, the prices of core materials and conductive materials used in electronic transformers have risen continuously, and upstream raw materials have formed a seller's market. As the power users of downstream electronic transformers, they can choose and purchase globally, forming a buyer's market. In the middle of the electronic transformer industry, only by taking the road of technological innovation can we get rid of this dilemma. However, in the mature electronic transformer industry, technological innovation is more difficult. But the improvement of every small link can bring new ideas and new products

when taking the road of technological innovation, we should always remember to achieve the goal of working with industry associations, experts, material suppliers, colleges and universities due to different industries and positions. The electronic transformer in the power supply, like all products as commodities, must complete specific functions under specific use conditions and pursue the best performance price ratio. Nowadays, power products are generally characterized by "light, thin, short and small" and are developing towards miniaturization and portability. Electronic transformers must meet the volume and weight requirements of power products as users. At the same time, the price of raw materials for electronic transformers has risen after being tested by electronic universal testing machine. Therefore, how to reduce the volume and weight, and how to reduce the cost, has become the main direction of the development of carbon fiber yarn in recent years

there are more than 2000 units engaged in the research, development and production of electronic transformers in China, including state-owned, private and foreign-funded enterprises. The world's largest manufacturer of electronic transformers has a production base in China. Many advanced electronic transformer technologies, production processes and products in the world are gathered in China. In the face of such a diversified platform, technical exchange is promising

although China has considerable strength in small capacity and occupies an important position in the international market, China's technical strength in high-capacity and ultra-high capacity transformers is still very weak, which leads to the situation that China cannot enter the high-capacity and ultra-high capacity transformer Market in European and American developed countries, which will hinder the future development of China's transformer industry and need to attract high attention

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