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The influence of static electricity on the inkjet printer and the corresponding improvement methods

some customers reported that the ink usage was not very good, for example, customers in Jiangsu, Shandong and Northeast China reported that there was head pasting. According to the on-site solution experience of the technicians of Beijing Saiwei Times Digital Technology Co., Ltd., most of it is because the customers have not solved the grounding problem during installation and use. In autumn and winter, the humidity in the air drops significantly, even in some areas, the humidity is lower than 20%, causing serious static electricity. The direction of the ejected ink drops changes before they are printed on the light box cloth, resulting in head pasting. If this phenomenon is not solved for a long time, the electrostatic voltage on the inkjet printer will reach 6 ~ 10V, and the extreme quality will reach the international advanced level, which may cause damage to the nozzle. Improvement method:

1. we must seriously deal with the grounding problem of the ground wire. The main method: 0.5m2 copper plate should be welded, 4mm2 copper wire should be buried in the wet soil 1.5m below the ground, and salt water should be poured. It is best to use the whole line for the ground wire, without joints, and in good contact with the machine

2. The humidity around the machine reaches 40 ~ 60% relative humidity. In this way, static electricity generated by the friction of PVC light box cloth will also be transmitted from the air and will not affect the ink droplets on the nozzle. The standard for purchasing industrial humidifiers is that the water consumption per hour should not be less than 4 liters. If the ventilation is good, try to choose a humidifier with a water consumption of 6 liters/hour. In addition, some customers use spray guns and humidifiers made by compressed air, and the effect is also good

3. selection of light box cloth: the surface roughness of light box cloth directly affects the generation of static electricity. Try to choose light box cloth with low CaCO3 content and smooth surface

4. it is also recommended that some customers use electrostatic brushes to solve static electricity

5. Try to keep the decline degree of indoor temperature benefit factors constant

6. Pay attention to the changes of temperature and humidity when air exchange is carried out between the operation of winding the recording paper (this item is only carried out when necessary)

7. the anti-static effect will be better if the ink with higher viscosity is used. The principle is that the greater the weight of the ink drop, the smaller the impact of static electricity. However, the impact of too high viscosity on the piezoelectric crystal of the nozzle is still to be explored

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