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The influence of paper evenness on the quality of printed matter

the evenness of paper not only affects the various properties of paper, but also has a direct impact on the printing quality. The serious unevenness of the paper will cause the paper to pack up and take the shape of "bubble yarn", which is bound to cause quality problems due to poor flatness in printing. Generally, the paper with poor uniformity has uneven light transmission when looking at the light source, and even presents a "cloud flower" shape. The smoothness of the surface of this paper with poor uniformity is relatively poor. In addition, the tightness is also uneven, and the acceptance and absorption of ink will produce great nonuniformity. Such nonuniformity will inevitably disturb the uniformity of the printed picture and reduce the quality of the printed matter

in the field part of printed matter, sometimes there will be small uneven phenomenon. This kind of unevenness is mostly the unevenness of concentration, but also the unevenness of gloss. The main reason for this uneven is the uneven absorption of ink by paper. This absorption characteristic is closely related to the uniformity of paper; For paper with poor uniformity, the density of fiber distribution is uneven, and the difference of tightness is also obvious, so the absorption amount and absorption speed of ink will be different, so it is easy to produce uneven concentration and gloss on the printing surface

similarly, the base paper evenness of coated paper also affects the quality of printed matter. For coated paper, the part that directly absorbs ink is the coating layer, but when the uniformity of the base paper is poor, it will cause the uneven penetration of the adhesive in the coating to the base paper layer. In this way, it will naturally cause the uneven absorption of ink by the coating layer. In addition, the poor uniformity of the base paper will also lead to the non-uniformity of the coating in the coating process, especially when the scraper is coated, the uniformity of the coating has a great correlation with the uniformity of the base paper. It is composed of microcomputer, measurement and control and test program software, multi-function measurement and control board, driver, imitation and digital sensor, etc. Therefore, the growth of raw light materials accelerates, and the non-uniformity of the paper often leads to the non-uniformity of the ink absorbed by the coating layer

other defects and defects on the paper surface, such as folds, dirty spots, wrinkles, dust, wet spots, etc., have a self-evident impact on the quality of printed matter, which will not be repeated here

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