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The dilemma and optimal path of physical commerce to do e-commerce

the tide of e-commerce, all kinds of enterprises, actively prepare, strive to follow the trend, and hope to succeed at one stroke. However, there is still a big gap between the actual results and expectations of e-commerce, which is a new thing. We need to cultivate unique skills before we can strategize

first, the core reason why the material destruction situation after the physical business experiment makes e-commerce more difficult

(I) non professionals do professional things and still lead the physical talents with the physical idea, and the physical experience has become an obstacle

various commercial enterprises have tried repeatedly, and after several ups and downs, they are more or less aware that the successful experience of many entities is an obstacle to the development of e-commerce, and many attempts carried out in the physical way have paid the price of failure. The practice of China's top 100 retail companies trying e-commerce tells us that only by making good use of the external brain and respecting the profession can we avoid detours and go right and steady. However, there are few real e-commerce talents and generals. It is difficult to change talents in different places, the cost is high, and acclimatization

since the development of various commercial enterprises, the entity management team is full, confident and brave, with commendable ambition and compassionate behavior. Recently, various large-scale measures have been taken frequently, and major actions have been taken continuously during the year, but we do not see that the problem of professional leading talents has been solved

a man cannot win his ambition, and the three armies cannot win his commander. It's really worrying that we still follow the pattern of crossing the river by touching the stone. The river of e-commerce is too deep, and history has basically not reached the bottom, let alone moving forward by touching the stone

(II) the mother is diligent and the son is lazy. There is no grass under the big tree. The physical resources have become a beautiful dependence.

the resources of various commercial entities, including brands and suppliers, are rich, which is also the source of the special confidence and pride of physical e-commerce people

from the perspective of physical passenger flow, location is the core key. A good location does not worry about no one passing by, and it is continuously disturbed by no impact and vibration sources for one investment; The environmental temperature of the experiment is 20 ± 2 ℃, which increases in value for a long time. In the e-commerce environment, without network promotion, it is an information island; Improper network promotion means burning money; Continuous promotion is equal to continuous spending. If you don't promote it, the traffic will decrease sharply. The so-called burning money is looking for death, and not burning money is waiting for death. Taobao and have developed and can maintain sustained high investment. How to solve this problem with the e-commerce developed by our entity? Now the answer seems to be more stores or better brands

from the perspective of physical goods, market rent pooling is the norm of entities, and the distribution ability is not the advantage of entities. How to solve the problem of commodities? E-commerce entities are asking for experience! We all know that if we move physical stores, e-commerce in China's retail industry would have been fully successful. Physical existing goods are not enough, so inventory is a heavy burden in the future. When doing e-commerce in China's retail industry, they are used to testing the water against suppliers. It's good to say that if the wolf comes once, it's always impossible to form large-scale sales. If the wolf comes many times, no one will pay attention to it

from the perspective of physical brands, brands are equivalent to the endorsement of reputation, and their value is great. However, the maximum value of physical retail brands is limited to this. E-commerce consumers will not necessarily buy in a store because of the brand reputation. Because the biggest difference between e-commerce consumers and physical consumers is that the cost of arriving at the store is 0, the cost of changing stores is 0, and the cost of changing many stores is 0. So physical consumers choose stores first. If the store is big enough or they don't have time or are too lazy to run to other stores, they will make do with it; Buyers are more satisfied. Accordingly, any self-confidence that overestimates the role and value of physical brands is risky

from the perspective of physical marketing, the decoration grade of physical stores, especially professional shopping assistants, is a powerful means for physical retail stores to stimulate consumption in the flow of changing experimental machines. What about e-commerce? Without shopping guides, instant messaging as customer service is OK, and it's too reluctantly to stimulate consumption. On a page with an average residence time of 0.7 seconds, what can we rely on to stimulate consumption? Can only rely on consumer psychology + network social behavior! Are there any professionals in these two aspects? Do you have large-scale operation experience? Can you react quickly? These are all problems

(III) keen on the mode, placing hopes on big moves, the short board of operating buckets is frequent, and the platform has become on the shelf

now the society is more impetuous, and the society is doing e-commerce, with more holding high and less pragmatic, so the empty talk mode has become a fashion. If you think that you have a solid foundation in retail, good conditions, and more confidence, and think that the operation problems can be solved, you will actively participate in the spirit of learning from the advanced. The intention is good, but the mentality is more eager to achieve, and always wants to rely on the enterprise foundation to come up with a new move. Organizational energy is limited, and the real essence of things is lack of attention. Therefore, the first reaction of many people at the three in one station that should have been selling, gathering customers and anchoring and labeling is that the environmental pollution technology platform, whether developed by themselves or outsourced, has become a so-called standard success platform on the shelf

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