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The way to solve the problem of factory digitalization - the 2008 autumn large-scale tour seminar of force control was successfully concluded

on December 12, the 2008 autumn tour seminar of "the way to solve the problem of factory digitalization" of Beijing 3D force control was successfully concluded with the success of Guiyang railway station

with the theme of "digital solutions for factories", this autumn's itinerant seminar lasted for three months. After going through many important cities across the country, it received positive responses from users in automation and related industries around the country. Nearly a thousand people participated in it, and the scene was warm. Chongqing, Chengdu and Guiyang were full of hot scenes

in this round of seminars, force control technology sent a strong team of technical instructors to address the needs of users in the field of industrial control, This paper focuses on the following aspects:

force control technology system will further consolidate the position of Xinlun composite as the core supplier of aluminum-plastic film products of Funeng technology. Manufacturing Execution System MES solution

monitoring configuration software development trend

force control technology family product structure and application

during the meeting, the technical engineers of force control will explain the products through on-site demo demonstration and product explanation, combined with the actual situation, We discussed and shared the automation solutions of force control technology in petroleum, petrochemical, coal mining and other industries, and further promoted the general monitoring configuration software forcecontrolv6.1, power and electrical monitoring configuration software pnetpowerv6.0, which force control technology made full efforts to build in 2008, as well as the real-time historical database pspacev5.0 for enterprise information platform. The content arrangement of the whole meeting made the participants have a more comprehensive understanding of the demonstration and utilization of the innovative achievements of force control in promoting advanced CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment. At the same time, it also made the users deeply realize the excellence of force control products and the integrity of solutions, which were highly recognized by the majority of customers. At the same time, they also had full confidence and expectation for the future development of force control

the meeting ended in a warm atmosphere. After the meeting, the technical experts of force control answered the technical problems encountered by the users of the monitoring configuration software in their daily use one by one, and provided practical solutions. The warm and careful answers won the unanimous recognition of the participating users, and perfectly demonstrated the enterprise service concept of technical professionalism and considerate service of force control technology, such as oxide skin, metal debris and so on

this tour seminar has received enthusiastic response, which not only won the unanimous praise of users, but also enhanced the communication between force control technology and customers. With the holding of the traveling seminar, force control technology has had face-to-face contact with more customers and more fully understood the automation needs of customers in the field of industrial control. At the same time, force control people will continue to contribute their wisdom and strength to the development of China's automation industry

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