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Suzhou newspaper group digital printing Exhibition Center shows the charm of digital printing

recently, Suzhou, China Digital Publishing and printing exhibition this product fully meets the requirements of customers, and the experience center has entered the preparatory stage, and will soon officially settle in sudo Nandu square in Wuzhong District. It is reported that as the main project of the printing digital industrial park of Suzhou newspaper group, the exhibition center will use the digital way to display the latest technologies and development achievements of modern publishing and printing industry, and will have both printing experience and sales functions. It is committed to creating a never-ending publishing and printing exhibition, which is also the first in the country

the exhibition center is located in the core area of the podium of sudao Nandu square, with a total area of 1100 square meters. It is divided into permanent exhibition area and temporary exhibition area. The permanent exhibition area is divided into seven parts: printing equipment, process flow, printing materials, national local newspaper joint exhibition, education and scientific research, digital printing enterprises, printing boutiques and creative art works. The temporary exhibition area integrates creative printing exhibition, cultural products exhibition, new product release, brand promotion and other functions

after completion, the exhibition center will take the E-era digital publishing and printing dream factory as the theme, and use high-tech means such as sound, light and electricity to create a dream and shocking journey of time and space. While helping visitors understand the most cutting-edge printing equipment and advanced technology under the influence of such friction, it will set up a joint exhibition area for printing enterprises in Zhihui territory and a joint exhibition of local newspapers, To form a brand display space with strong aura, the plastic film or sheet should be tested for right angle tearing performance. We will make full use of network technology and scientific and technological means to provide a permanent and unique display platform, enhance real-time interaction and contact with enterprises in the industry, share advanced industry experience and information that can be used for reference, and effectively help enterprises improve their image and popularity. Tao Ran, general manager of the printing branch of Suzhou Newspaper Media Group Co., Ltd., said that the exhibition center relies on the communication power and authority of Suzhou newspaper group in Suzhou area, based on more than 3000 printing enterprises in Suzhou, has established a printing 4S store serving the majority of printing enterprises, and relies on the influence and leadership of Suzhou newspaper in Prefecture and municipal newspapers across the country, Strive to build a printing culture communication center in the growth triangle

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